Treasures of the North

It is a fascinating journey to get acquainted with the staggering landscape of Iceland, created by the eternal battle of fire and ice. In the classic excursion around the island you will see the colourful lake Mývatn in the north, the iceberg lagoon Jökulsárlón in the south, and lot of waterfalls and hot springs.
  • Group tour
  • may - october
  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • from 1 905 EUR
  • 1 800 км
    Route distance
  • Medium
    Difficulty level

Program of tour
1 day. Arriving to Iceland (60 km)
Arrival at the international airport Keflavík and meeting with the guide at the airport. After the flight, you can relax in the Blue Lagoon, a SPA and curative thermal spring that hits from a depth of 2 000 meters, forming a lagoon with white siliceous clay on the bottom. A high concentration of silicon and minerals gives the water a rich blue tint. Then drive to Reykjavik, the capital, over lava fields, around 50 km. Accommodation in hotel in Reykjavik.

2 day. Reykjavík - Akureyri (~ 395 km)
Breakfast in the hotel and departure from there with luggage.
Today we will make a move to the north of the island, where on the open lava spaces herds of famous Icelandic horses graze. First we'll drive to a small town called Hvammstangi, located on the shores of the fjord, where we will visit the workshop for the production of products from Icelandic wool. And then we'll visit the Glaumbær Museum, which is an old farm with houses built of peat. The oldest building of the peat complex is the kitchen (built in 1760), and the newest is the main living quarters, or baðstofa (built in 1876). Walking through the house, you feel those distant times with all your senses: touching the rough peat walls, watching how the thin rays of light make their way through the tiny windows, and breathing in the air, filled with the smell of the earth. Then we drive onwards to the charming town of Akureyri - the northern capital of Iceland. Hotel accommodation, overnight there.

3 day. Lake Myvatn (~ 180 km)

Breakfast in the hotel. We continue our acquaintance with the Northern region. One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland is Goðafoss, this place has a special historical value for the Icelanders: according to legend, it was in this waterfall that statues of pagan gods were thrown after the Baptism of Iceland. Then we move to the area of ​​Lake Mývatn, which strikes with its extraordinary beauty and variety of landscapes: numerous pseudo craters and hot mud springs with multi-colored clay, quaint volcanic formations and "Dark Castles" fields with unique lava formations.
Námaskarð, this place is called "Gateway to Hell", but this is one of the few natural wonders of the world, looking at which you feel yourself in a different dimension while being on your own planet Earth. The land here is dotted with solfataras - pools of boiling mud with a depth of one to ten meters. Between sulphurates, fountains of sulfur, steam and volcanic gases are continually bursting from the ground, so that the haze hangs constantly over the region. Dinner. Overnight in Mývatn / Húsavík.
4 day. Jökulsargljúfur National Park (~ 260 km)
"Whale capital" Húsavík - a small cozy town on the very North of the island, near the Arctic Circle, is considered the most convenient place to observe whales. The probability of seeing sea giants here is very high - 98%, as it is written in one of the brochures. The most frequent are killer whales, whale-humpback, fin whale and the largest mammal on Earth - a blue whale. We will take a tour Whale watching. After meeting with the whales, we head to the waterfall Dettifoss - the biggest waterfall in Iceland and Europe. It seems to be not as high (45 m) and wide (100 m), but it is the most powerful in speed and volume of water, which with extraordinary noise and power falls down through its rocky rapids. Further our way lies along the largest black lava desert of Iceland to the city of Egilsstadir. Hotel accommodation, overnight stay. Dinner.

5 day. Eastern fjords (~ 250 km)
Breakfast in the hotel and departure from there with luggage. Today you will get acquainted with the eastern coast of Iceland. This vast territory with picturesque valleys and woodlands extends from glaciers to the ocean. Here you will see deep fjords, surrounded by high mountains, deserted sandy beaches, geothermal springs and many beautiful waterfalls. Drive to the cosy port city of Höfn, accommodation there. Dinner.

Day 6. Glacial Lagoon Jokulsaarloon - Skaftafetl National Park (~ 360 km)
Breakfast in the hotel and departure from there with luggage.
Today the whole day will be dedicated to the glorious glaciers in the south of Iceland: the largest glacier in Europe, Vantajökull, Skaftafell National Park, the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón, in the emerald waters of which powerful icebergs drift. We will cruise on the Glacier lagoon among the thousand-year-old icebergs. Further our way lies through the sandy desert and endless fields of moss lava over the South of the island, to the city of Vík. Here we will take a short walk along another black beach and admire the famous lava sculpture "Fingers of the Troll". It's just a fantastic place: black sand, blue sea and towering over it basalt columns Reynisdrangar. These columns, carved by the harsh sea, according to legend, were once trolls, petrified from the sun. The final chord of this day is the foot of the famous volcano Eyafjallajökull, where there are two magnificent waterfalls - Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Dinner. Overnight in the south.
Day 7. The Golden Ring (~ 240 km)

Breakfast in the hotel and departure from there with luggage.
The famous "Golden Ring" of Iceland. This route is called "Golden", because in this area are the most famous sights of Iceland, located at a short distance from each other: the Gullfoss waterfall, the Valley of Geysers, the active geyser Strokkur, the National Park "Þingvellir" where since 930, the most important historical events took place in the life of the country. We will also see a giant break on the border of two tectonic plates - North American and Eurasian. Overnight in Reykjavik.

8 day. Departure
Transfer to Keflavík international airport.

  • The tour price includes:
    • transfer airport-hotel-airport;
    • accommodation in 3 * hotels with breakfast (shower, toilet in the room);
    • transport and excursion service with a Englich-speaking guide according to the program;
    • 4 dinners;
    • entrance tickets to the Blue Lagoon and the Glaumbær Museum
    • Cruise on amphibians on the Glacier lagoon;
    • Whale watching.
  • Not included:
    • air tickets;
    • travel insurance;
    • single supplement + 630 EUR.
Thermal underwear, T-shirts, fleece or wool jacket, warm waterproof jacket with a hood, waterproof trousers, hat, gloves, woolen socks.
A pair of comfortable warm and waterproof boots or sneakers (better for trekking).
Passport, credit card, phone, medical insurance, international driver's license.
Do not forget photo and video equipment with sufficient memory. Iceland is a photographer's paradise.
For the lagoon
Swimsuit / swimming trunks. You will be given a towel in the reception of the Blue Lagoon.
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